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Rave Reviews

"I came to Dr. Magida's office for a second opinion after my previous dentist wanted to do a root canal on a perfectly healthy root in order to address tooth sensitivity! Dr. Magida had been recommended to me by a friend. My sensitive tooth is all better now with totally non-invasive techniques.

More recently I had a cracked tooth on a molar that was mostly filling and they saw me the next day so that further damage to the tooth did not occur.

The staff are all very nice and I especially like the use of texting and emails to remind me of appointments.

I would highly recommend this office."
Lisa Kurtz
"Referred to this office for an oral sleep apnea device. The staff is helpful,patient,knowledgeable. Debbie was wonderful navigating insurance issues. My sleep is now restful with less disturbances. Thanks Dr. Magida!"
"My husband and I have been patient's of Dr. Magida's for over 20 years. He is the ultimate dentist! You will find the staff very welcoming, friendly, professional, and very helpful. The office environment is immaculate and very comfortable. Dr. Magida and his staff attend continuing education classes, which enables them to treat their patients with the most updated services, as well as educating them on good oral hygiene. We will continue to be patients of Newtown Dental Care until we no longer have teeth! lol Please, don't settle for less when Dr. Magida is the ultimate best. It is my pleasure writing this review."
"From the moment you enter, you will be pleased! Being greeted by an aquarium of fish, big information TV and the ever-friendly and efficient front office Shannon starts the appointment off right. I've called Shannon for dental advice and referrals...very knowledgable and helpful. Shannon also keeps the appointments rolling so there is hardly ever a wait.

Erica is usually my hygienist; what a memory she has! She reviews the file beforehand to remind and to discuss current health. While scraping away, she'll break intermittently to provide a mouth-break and to discuss our families, pets (yeah - persians!), vacations, and interests. All of the hygienists are professional and friendly.

Dr. Magida then stops in to check the teeth. Whether I've had a cavity, bonding, or crowns, Dr. Magida explains the cause and effect as well as the possible treatments and outcomes. For root canals and extractions, Dr. Magida has a solid referral network. He always tries to fit you in the schedule when there is an emergency. Not only is Dr. Magida knowledgable regarding the dentistry, he stays current with technology and utilizes many different applications. All of the staff have interfaced and synced computers in their suites to make follow-up appointments. To tell you the truth, because of home-work-dentist distances, I had a different dentist for about one year. I had to return to Dr. Magida. He is worth traveling the extra half hour. Keeping current AND instructing future dentists in college courses makes him an asset to the profession.

Lastly, Debbie (and I am probably misspelling her name...sorry) helps me with the insurance. If contacting and dealing with insurance companies is not one of your favorite things to do during your lunch, Debbie is there to help you every step of the way. She knows the different programs well. She knows the copays and maximum benefit levels. If I can shift a procedure a few months to avoid additional costs, Debbie will let me know. She'll work with you, resubmit claims, and often persuades the insurance claims offices.

In sum, if you want healthier teeth in a healthy, friendly office that doesn't smell medicine-y, go to Newtown Dental Care.

PS - As you can tell, Newtown Dental has provided MANY different dental services for me. A shout out for...their whitening program is effective. I get many compliments on the whiteness of my teeth."
Ron S
"Dear Dr. Magida and staff,
I wanted to write this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation to the entire staff of Newtown Dental Care.

I am a person who didn't go to the dentist for over thirty years. My friend, Jessica, recommended her dentist as she knew I was scared to death. When I arrived for my first appointment, I was literally shaking like a leaf. Kim, the dentist's assistant, made me feel at ease and Dr. Magida was very caring and patient and didn't reprimand me for not taking care of my teeth, which I hardly had many at this point.

Dr. Magida explained everything to me as he worked on my teeth and told me what had to be done.

I hardly smiled much as I was embarrassed by the way I looked. Dr. Magida took impressions of my teeth and new bridge as Kim held my hand and talked to me. After several visits, the doctor placed the new teeth in my mouth. They didn't fit quite right and being the perfectionist that he is, he re-did the impressions totally.

I was very impressed by his honesty and the fantastic job that he did on a hopeless case.

Now I smile all the time and even have pictures taken by my daughters.

Again, I salute the entire staff, especially Kim and Lisa who are caring, friendly and professionals."
Sharon B.
"Dear Dr. Magida and staff,
I came to Dr. Magida in my late fifties (1987) in need of crown work and partial plates. Actually, my teeth and dentition were already in the twilight of their usefulness for I would be toothless by the year 1994. The fact that I had any teeth at all, from age 58 to age 65 (1987-1994), was due to the care and expertise, in extremis, of Dr. Edward Magida.

Looking back, my late-in-life dental problems were the outcome of my own lack of dental hygienics, daily brushing, and annual checkups as a teenager and young man. I was an aspiring academic at that time, with little money of my own and no dental insurance. Dentists were expensive, ministers of pain, and obligations to be avoided if at all possible.

A bright smile, of course, was always highly regarded by the young ladies, but first things had to come first. No one seemed to notice or care that I had acquired a mouthful of fillings and lost several molars by my late twenties. Besides, I had just gotten my first real job and needed a car (my first) to get to work over at Elkins Park JHS. Meanwhile, I thought, I'll just skip the dentist that year (1957).

Getting off on the right foot, in the longer view, is critical if one values a bright smile and the services of two real-world dentitions to speak clearly with and to chew ones' daily bread over a long and indeterminate lifetime.
Unfortunately, there was no Dr. Magida there for me in my formative years and I have had to pay the price for my own negligence. The price, you say? A half-century later, I have had to lay out nearly twenty thousand dollars for my present set of implants and attached bridges. That is the price I have had to pay for avoiding the dentist and failing to brush my teeth as a young man. That is the price I had to pay out in order to be able to speak clearly and to be able to masticate my daily bread.

So, if you are young and unaware (as I was) - be sure to get yourself "off on the right foot" and check in with Dr.. Magida once a year and take heed to listen to his recommendations and advice.

It's cheaper that way, in the end."
John W.
"Dear Dr. Magida and Staff,
I have been one of Dr. Magida's patients since 1990. In the summer of 2004, I had a porcelain veneer placed on my front tooth. I have always been impressed with Dr. Magida's professionalism, dedication, and sensitivity, but this experience with Dr. Magida and his staff far exceeded my high expectations. The dental work took place in the summer of 2004, but the story started much earlier than that.

In the summer of 2003, I noticed that the dental bond on my front tooth was once again starting to discolor. A childhood accident had resulted in a chipped front tooth. Since 1984, I have had numerous bonds placed on the tooth. The early attempts by other dentists (when technology was quite new), often failed. As a result, the enamel on my tooth had taken quite a beating. Since I was beginning to fear that I would permanently damage my tooth, I asked Dr. Magida about a porcelain veneer.

I made my appointment for the veneer in June 2004. Before we started the process, Dr. Magida let me know that it is VERY difficult to match the color of only one veneer to adjacent teeth. It is much easier to blend in two or more veneers with existing teeth. Dr. Magida and Kim gently worked to remove the old bond, made a mold of my upper teeth, and specified the correct colors for the veneer. In the past, even the thought of having work done on my front tooth is very stressful for me, I am extremely protective of that chipped tooth. Dr. Magida and Kim did everything possible to put my mind at ease, so that I was much less anxious than I anticipated. By the end of that first appointment I was fitted with a temporary veneer. The mold and color information was sent to an outside dental lab for fabrication.

About three weeks later, I went back to get the permanent veneer. After removing the temporary veneer, Dr. Magida compared the color of the lab fabricated veneer with the color of the adjacent teeth. I might have been happy to accept the veneer as it was, but Dr. Magida was not satisfied. The veneer was just a bit too dark. He sent the veneer back to the laboratory (along with the color samples he had used to match my teeth) for re-fabrication. Again, I was fitted with a temporary veneer until the permanent veneer was ready.

In mid July 2004, I returned to Dr. Magida's office. The temporary veneer was removed, and this time the color match of the permanent was perfect! Not only am I thrilled with the color, but I am also amazed at the feel of the tooth. For the first time in 22 years, there are no cracks, bumps, stains or rough edges to draw attention to my tooth. I am smiling now more than ever!

I cannot thank Dr. Magida and his staff enough for all of their hard work on my behalf. Without their caring, dedication, sensitivity, and yes, sense of humor, I would not have the confidence that I do today. I am proud and grateful that Dr. Magida is my dentist."
Lisa S.
"Dear Dr. Magida and Staff,
I enthusiastically recommend Newtown dental Care and Dr. Edward A. Magida, DMD, FAGD.

My story begins with an anxiety level about "going to the dentist" - on a scale of 1 low to 10 high - at a 10++. Dr. Ed was professional and sensitive. He listened. Most important to me, he approached me and my mouth in a non-judgmental manner. From root canals, extractions bridges and caps - he never did anything that hurt.

Throughout the process, Dr. Ed and his staff were professional, efficient and kind. He worked at making sure the bridges and caps fit properly. When my permanent bridges and caps arrived, Dr. Ed did not want to disappoint me, but there was an area that did not fit properly. He told me it was important for a proper fit. I returned two weeks later for the final appointment, and they fit correctly.

The results are spectacular! I can smile broadly and confidently again. I have a beautiful smile that makes a difference in my self-esteem, not to mention, a confirmation that I can face my fears and meet a challenge.

I am so grateful to Dr. Ed for his skill and caring, I had consulted with other dentists, and walked away from them. Dr. Ed made a difference in my life.

Anyone considering required or cosmetic dental work needs to know that my experience with Dr. Ed is the very best I have ever had. My rating is five stars."
Veronica M.
"Dear Dr. Magida and staff,
I had 2 implants placed and a denture attached. Now I can eat whatever I want. It was the best decision I've ever made."
Constance C.
"To Whom It May Concern,
I have been a patient of Dr. Magida the past five years. I presented him with unusual and difficult challenges. First, resulting from an auto accident followed by complications from heart surgery and then lung cancer. These events affected my dental health with such severity I thought Impossible! I have had root canals, crowns, bridge work, dental implants with denture and last a partial. Dr. Magida and staff showed compassion and patience in handling my special ups and downs. Professionalism was never lost. I highly recommend Newtown Dental with at last, a big smile."
Joanne G.
"Dear Dr. Magida,
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how I feel about you, as a dentist, and your staff.

Unfortunately, I have had many bad dental experiences as a young child, as well as an adult, which eventually created a fear in me, causing total neglect of my dental needs. Eventually, neglecting my teeth took its toll and I knew that if I didn’t do something immediately, I would probably lose my teeth. This is when I made my first appointment with you, many years ago. I couldn’t have been happier. You put me at ease immediately. I found you to be a very compassionate and understanding of my fears, and you always ask me during any dental procedure if I am OK. Your chairside manor is unique, most unusual and welcoming, and always makes me feel more relaxed. It has now been several years since my first appointment with you and because of your professionalism, understanding manner of your patient’s needs, and high quality of your dentistry techniques, my husband and daughter also visit your office regularly and agree with my opinions of you. We actually look to seeing everyone and know that we are getting high quality dental care.

Your entire office staff consists of a very professional, fun, and down to earth group. They are so welcoming and genuinely care for the needs of every patient that walks through the door. Quite frankly, we enjoy our visits to Newtown Dental Care and the camaraderie that is shared by all.

Dr. Magida, I just want you to know how grateful I am to have found a dentist with whom I no longer have to be afraid of, and most important , provides excellent dental care."
Iris K.
"Dear Dr. Magida,
Thank you for helping me to preserve my teeth over these many years. I am always grateful that there are professionals around with skills like yours.

Thanks to people like you there is a lot less pain in the world."
Ernest V.
"To Dr. Edward Magida and staff,
Many thanks to all of you who make my experience as a patient in your practice a most positive and pleasant experience. Heather, at the front desk is a knowledgeable and courteous professional. Erica makes teeth cleaning a thorough and pleasant experience.. Amy also does an excellent job.

In the process of getting caps on my front teeth, Kim made the process so nice. Last, but not certainly least, Dr. Magida’s expertise and a perfect job made it a real joy for me.

I am truly appreciative of such wonderful professionals and I am so glad I chose “Newtown Dental “."
Eileen T.
"To Dr. Magida and Staff,
My family moved to this area ten years ago from Canada. My husband and I began seeing Dr. Magida shortly thereafter and were immediately impressed with how modern his office was and how knowledgeable he was about the “latest developments in dentistry. Over the years, Dr. Magida has examined my children’s baby teeth and monitored the growth of their permanent ones. They love Kim and Erica (and the toy chest) and actually look forward to going to the dentist!

A decade has passed, but Dr. Magida’s office continues to be progressive in its approach to dentistry. He has continually impressed us with his professional skills and his friendly demeanor. His staff is first rate-extremely friendly and very skilled. Both Kim and Erica make every visit a pleasure. I am sad to say that we are moving away- this time to Sweden I can only hope to find an office as professional and welcoming as this one has been to me and my family. And, preferably, one where they speak English…"
Kelly B.
"To Dr. Magida and a most wonderful staff,
I cannot begin to thank you for caring for myself and my family for the last 12+ years that we were patients at Newtown Dental Care. As you all know, after my husband's change in jobs, our insurance also changed and in spite of the fact that your practice was not participating in our new plan, we opted to continue at Newtown Dental Care. That is how strongly we felt about the wonderful care we always received in your office. It is only a move out of state that is ending a wonderful caregiver-patient relationship that we will miss very much. And I never thought I'd say that about a dental office!

Personally, I would like to thank you all for listening to and waylaying my occasional (ok, frequent) fears and answering any and all questions I had to the best of your ability. Knowing what to expect ahead of time was always a tremendous help as I faced root canals and post-implant surgery bridge work among other procedures over the years. The atmosphere in the office lends itself to a very comfortable (dare I say, enjoyable?!) experience, and that is something that is not easy to achieve.

In closing, our sincere thanks to all of you for many years of wonderful dental care, and also to the front desk staff for a cheerful smile and a friendly hello every time we walked into the office. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone in the area and, in fact, am seriously contemplating that drive back every six months! It's only 90 minutes each way, and I'm not sure I can quit you, Newtown Dental Care!

Thank you again,"
Mary B.
A Smile. It costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash and the memory of it lasts forever. None are so rich that they can get along without it, and none are so poor but are richer for a smile. Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen, for it is something that is no earthly good to anyone until it is given away.