Fresh Breath

Fresh Breath

Your social, business or professional success can be compromised by bad breath.

It is estimated that from 60 to 90 million people have bad breath, called "halitosis" and not even know it!

It is an embarrassing problem that has cost people in lost jobs and lost personal relationships.

Science has determined that most forms of chronic bad breath can be treated. Although there is no cure, simple oral hygiene procedures can be performed daily to keep it in check.

We will analyze the source of your bad breath and try to solve your problem in a timely manner. This might require a thorough oral examination and current full mouth x-rays of all your teeth. Certain bacteria in the mouth give off these odorous compounds and the more bacteria there are, the more of a problem the bad breath can be. During the oral exam we will look for broken fillings or teeth, obvious infections and any severe tartar build up. A periodontal examination might be needed to determine if a gum infection could be contributing to the persons breath problem.

Occasionally it might be determined that the source of the bad breath might be from a medical problem. If so, a referral to a medical doctor might be indicated.

Finally, an effective home care program will be designed to eliminate the problem. It might include a thorough cleaning of the persons gums to eliminate diseased tissue, as well as detailed home care instructions which would include how to clean the tongue, which has been shown to be a major source of bad breath. In addition, the use of certain oral hygiene products will be introduced. The products have been shown to help eliminate the bacterial gases that are formed in the mouth on a daily basis.

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