Suction Cup Dentures . . . now I've heard of everything!

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With all the current knowledge about dental disease, it's causes and it's treatment, there is no good reason that anyone should end up losing most or all of their teeth in this day and age. Teeth can easily last a lifetime and all it takes is the commitment to do what is necessary to get the job done. I say all this because I truly feel that dentures are to be avoided like the plague. Don't get me wrong, I prescribe dentures and partial dentures to my patients when they need them. However, deep down I always get an uneasy feeling that the patient is going to have eventual problems with the denture somewhere down the road.

For the past 12 years I have treated hundreds of patients who are either homebound, or reside in nursing homes, with dentures. Most of the time I find myself making new dentures for someone who has been without teeth for a long time and they either lost their dentures somewhere, or the old dentures are all worn out. Many of these people had their teeth removed years ago, and now their jaw bones have shrunk tremendously. It's harder to make a denture stable when the jaw bone is hardly there. The lower jaws are worse because most times the bone will shrink down to almost nothing and all I have to work with is something as flat as a pancake. I wish that these people were never talked into having their teeth removed years ago. If the teeth remain, the bone won't shrink. For all these denture patients, this is all hindsight. If the denture is still intact but loose, then many times I will reline the denture which will make the existing denture fit the new, shrunken down shape of the gums. If, however, the person has lost too much bone over the years, than even this procedure cannot create miracles. Or bone, for that matter. If the bone is gone, the foundation for the denture, even the most perfect denture, is compromised. So, what's a person to do?

Have you ever seen an octopus? I know, you are all wondering why is he mentioning an octopus in an article about the problems with dentures. Well, if you looked at an octopus, you would see many, many suction cup type suckers on all of its arms. These suckers create great holding power for the octopus which puts it at a great advantage. If this type of a scenario could be created on a denture than many people who have poorly fitting dentures might be able to improve their quality of life. Chewing would be easier and proper nourishment would be something more than on a person's wish list. The simple fact is that if your dentures don't fit well and/or hurt, than you cannot properly chew your food. The food ends up being swallowed in big pieces and this wreaks havoc on a persons digestive system. Instead of eating a variety of nutritious foods, the person ends up eating only soft foods which don't hurt and don't need to be chewed too much.

Getting back to the suction cup dentures, when the underside of the denture is made with all these little suckers, the retention of the denture improves. As the person places the denture, the suction cups engage the gum tissue and grab on, much like a plunger would if you pressed it against the floor. The net result of all these little suckers is a denture that is more retentive than a normal denture. In some cases, dramatically more retentive. You really have to see these dentures to realize how superior they are compared to the normal type.

If you, or anyone you know is having a problem with their dentures fitting properly, you owe it to yourself to find out about the "dentures from the deep", the suction cup denture. It's truly phenomenal....

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