Simple Things Avoid Troubles

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"Doc, nothing was bothering me, so I thought I was OK."

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this line or something very similar:  Many times a new patient will tell me this when asked where they’ve been for the past 10 years.

Many people seem to subscribe to the old adage “if it isn’t broke…don’t fix it.”  Unfortunately it is very difficult to assess properly in your own mouth just what is at risk of developing a problem.

Many times you cannot see things the way your dentist does, with his or her mirror and direct lighting.  You are also probably at a loss to know about all the areas to look at as far as where problems seem to occur.  Do you know where the gums tend to have problems first?  Can you see how deep the fissures in your back teeth are?  Can you take your own X-rays and properly read them?

Even if you do not have anything wrong with your teeth, many times your dentist will suggest a treatment to help keep you trouble free.  It is suggested because of the merits the treatment has for a patient in your situation.

For instance, pit and fissure sealants.  These are prescribed many times to children to help prevent cavities from developing in the back molar teeth.  They are prescribed because predictably these are the first teeth to get cavities, so anything that can be done to stop the cavity forming process is a plus.

Another preventative suggestion would be to see the hygienist three to four times a year.  This would be suggested to help prevent gum problems from developing in someone who is showing signs of susceptibility to gum disease.  Implants are another treatment that might be suggested to a patient to help prevent jawbone shrinkage that can take place over time.

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