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It's been several months now since the start of the New Year. It's probably been several months since everyone stated, or at least thought of their New Year's resolutions. Has another year come and gone with the dropping of the resolution baton? Are you shrugging your shoulders and saying to yourself how these things really don't mean anything? Well, I'm going to give everyone out there a second chance. With all the hype about the upcoming Y2K stuff and how all kind of nasties may happen when the next new year rolls around, I figure people definitely won't have any time for resolutions in the year 2000, because they will be so busy stringing barbed wire around their houses, or hiding cash in the walls.

I repeat, I am offering you the ability to make new resolutions, BUT there's is a theme to these resolutions. They must relate to your dental health. Since nobody really "likes going to the dentist," and dental health doesn't seem to be a focal point of one's day, today I am making it one. How often have you been told by your dentist or hygienist that you really should get some type of treatment done? Perhaps your dentist has told you that you have several back teeth that have huge old fillings in them and they are on the verge of fracturing. I see fractured teeth every day of the week, and I can honestly tell you that it is much easier to restore a tooth before it fractures than after it breaks and looks like a stalagmite. It might also be less expensive to restore it before it breaks because sometimes the break exposes the nerve of the tooth and that will necessitate root canal treatment in addition to any restorative treatment. If you have one ore more of these teeth, with a huge old silver filling in it, and your dentist recommends placing a crown on it to strengthen it, make it your resolution to do it. It will prevent problems in the future.

Perhaps you have been thinking of bleaching your teeth because they are getting more yellow with each birthday. Make this your resolution, and get it done. There's no time like the present as they say. It is very easy to do and does not cost much or take a lot of time like some other resolutions that probably never got done in the past (such as losing weight and exercising more). Have you been told by the hygienist that you have periodontal disease and that you will need a more thorough cleaning procedure or more maintenance visits during the year to help control it? What's stopping you from doing the proper thing? With all the talk now about how periodontal disease possibly increases your chances of heart problems or a stroke, why wait? Taking care of this problem is a great resolution. Maybe its' finally time to replace the tooth that's been missing since you were in the service. You think no one sees that hole on your mouth, but you are wrong. Incidentally, I can't tell you how many people had teeth taken out in the service. It's like the dentists there had nothing else to offer them. Make getting a new tooth your resolution and do it.

The one resolution I wish people would act on more, is the one where someone has had to get through life with teeth they don't like the look of. Either they never had the opportunity to have braces, or they were born with dark or unsightly teeth. I applaud people who have decided that they deserve a better smile. If you finally want to brighten up the day with a great smile, make it your resolution.

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