Bleach Your Teeth in One Hour - absolutely amazing

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There are several ways to bleach one's teeth. At home bleaching can be done with bleaching trays that are molded to your mouth. Into these trays you apply a viscous gel and wear the tray for several hours during the day, or overnight. This method takes about 2-3 weeks before your teeth are bleached as much as they are going to. Then there are the whitening strips that you apply to your teeth. These also take a few weeks to work. Both of these methods take time to whiten your teeth as much as they can, which can vary depending upon the concentration of the bleaching material, the amount of contact the material has against the teeth, and quite honestly, whether you actually do the homework needed and actually put these materials onto your teeth properly. I say this because some people have the best of intentions but stop using the products too soon, for many reasons.

I have the solution... one hour in-office bleaching. It takes the guesswork out of the procedure because the dental personnel perform it on you, plus it only takes about an hour. This means it's a one stop visit to dazzling teeth. I can honestly say that the results are amazing because I recently had the procedure done to my own teeth and I am very impressed with the results I got. My teeth were on the dark side so I was skeptical, but when the treatment was finished, my teeth looked great.

The active ingredient is a hydrogen peroxide gel that is placed on the teeth. This gel is activated by a strong metal halide light that is positioned in front of your mouth. The machine controlling the light looks like the robot in the "Jetson's," so it has been named "Rosie." Every 20 minutes new gel is placed on your teeth, and this cycle is repeated 3 times. Since I was watching cable TV at the time the whole procedure seemed to go pretty quick. You could bring a movie to watch also if you wanted to.

As a dentist, I have seen many new products come and go. This product really works. Saying that it takes too much time to whiten your teeth is no longer a good reason not to do this. As long as you are at least 14 years old you can get the procedure done. Call your dental office for more details about this phenomenal service, you'll be glad you did. You might even smile more.