AED’S - They’re popping up everywhere

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AED’S---They’re popping up everywhere

You see them at your favorite mall. You saw one last week when you were at the airport going to see grandma. When you went to your son’s school to watch him in the play, you saw it in the hallway. AED’s or automated external defibrillators are now becoming commonplace. If there is a venue where many people gather, you will probably find one, or maybe several. These devices are used to help start a person’s heart beating again if it has stopped or gone into some type of erratic rhythm.

They are designed to help the lay person help a person in trouble. What I mean by this is that many times there are easy to read and understand pictures and diagrams on the machine, that tell what to do with the device when you suspect a person is in trouble. Some of the more sophisticated models actually talk to you and walk you through the things you need to do. It will show or tell you where to put the pads on the patient. It will tell you if the person needs to be “shocked” or not. If the person needs to be shocked, you will be told, like you see on “E.R.” to STAND CLEAR!

Then to unit will administer an electric shock to hopefully help correct the heart problem the person is having. Some units will also direct you to administer CPR in the appropriate fashion.

The reason I am writing this is because many dental offices have purchased these machines for the good of their patients. These offices have shown that they want to be in the forefront of medical care. The next time you are in your dental office, take a look around and you will probably see the AED on the wall in a conspicuous place. If you don’t you might want to ask the staff if the office will be getting one.