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Your smile says a lot about you.  If you want a beautiful healthy smile, visit Newtown Dental Care.   Dr. Edward Magida offers full-service general dentistry and uses the latest technology and techniques to give you the smile you've always wanted.

Our patients know that we care about them and that we do what we say we will do. Your smile is important to us. Once we determine your dental needs and desires, we'll work with you on a plan for the smile of your dreams. 

We welcome new patients.  Visit our finance options page to learn about our convenient payment plans or call our office today.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you and your family. Click on the left menu to learn more about us.

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!

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"Dear Dr. Magida and staff,
I came to Dr. Magida in my late fifties (1987) in need of crown work and partial plates. Actually, my teeth and dentition were already in the twilight of their usefulness for I would be toothless by the year 1994. The fact that I had any teeth at all, from age 58 to age 65 (1987-1994), was due to the care and expertise, in extremis, of Dr. Edward Magida.

Looking back, my late-in-life dental problems were the outcome of my own lack of dental hygienics, daily brushing, and annual checkups as a teenager and young man. I was an aspiring academic at that time, with little money of my own and no dental insurance. Dentists were expensive, ministers of pain, and obligations to be avoided if at all possible.

A bright smile, of course, was always highly regarded by the young ladies, but first things had to come first. No one seemed to notice or care that I had acquired a mouthful of fillings and lost several molars by my late twenties. Besides, I had just gotten my first real job and needed a car (my first) to get to work over at Elkins Park JHS. Meanwhile, I thought, I'll just skip the dentist that year (1957).

Getting off on the right foot, in the longer view, is critical if one values a bright smile and the services of two real-world dentitions to speak clearly with and to chew ones' daily bread over a long and indeterminate lifetime.
Unfortunately, there was no Dr. Magida there for me in my formative years and I have had to pay the price for my own negligence. The price, you say? A half-century later, I have had to lay out nearly twenty thousand dollars for my present set of implants and attached bridges. That is the price I have had to pay for avoiding the dentist and failing to brush my teeth as a young man. That is the price I had to pay out in order to be able to speak clearly and to be able to masticate my daily bread.

So, if you are young and unaware (as I was) - be sure to get yourself "off on the right foot" and check in with Dr.. Magida once a year and take heed to listen to his recommendations and advice.

It's cheaper that way, in the end."
John W.

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